Nano drug delivery systems

Nanoparticles carry encapsulated, dispersed or conjugated drugs having important properties which can enhance performance in a variety of dosage forms. They can be used for both passive and active drug targeting. Cell-specific targeting can be accomplished by attaching drugs to specially designed carriers and site-specific drug targeting can be achieved by attaching target ligands, such as aptamers or antibodies to the surface of nanoparticles. Nanostructures such as liposomes, polymers, dendrimers, silicon or carbon materials, and magnetic nanoparticles are used as carriers in nano drug delivery systems and provide cell-specific targeting. Nanoparticles are smaller than 100 nm. They have size range similar to proteins and other macromolecular structures within the living cells. The nanostructures have the property to enhance their reaction area and they can also cross cell and tissue membrane. Due to these physicochemical and biological properties nanostructures are used for biomedical applications. One of the widely applied nanotechnologies is nanomedicine, which implement nano drug delivery technique to highly specific medical practices.

· Nanoparticles

· Nanomedicines

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· Molecular nanotechnology

· Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment

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