Vaccine Drug delivery system

  • Polymers in solid particulate vaccine delivery
  • Virosomes
  • Emulsion Delivery System
  • Micellar Delivery System
  • Immunostimulatory Complexes
  • Edible vaccines
  • DNA Vaccine Delivery System
  • Mucosal Vaccine Delivery
  • Needle-free vaccine delivery
  • Jet Injectors
  • Microneedles
  • Melt in Mouth Strips

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The pharmaceutical business finds, creates, delivers, and markets pharmaceutical drug products and accessories for the use of  medications, treatment and mitigation of diseases. Pharmaceutical organizations may bargain for nonspecific or brand prescriptions and therapeutic gadgets. They are liable to an assortment of laws and directions that oversee the protecting, testing, well being, viability and promoting of medications.

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